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There’s something nostalgic about sitting in a salon chair at your local barber’s shop and getting groomed. Whether it’s an old school cramped space at the end of your street or a pristine 2-story salon shop, nothing beats quality service. And while retail shops are going out of business due to the massive trend of online shopping, old-school beauty salons and barber shops are making a comeback. They offer more than just a place for you to get your hair...
There are approximately 86,000 salons in the US with the numbers only increasing and keeping a high level of maintenance is a top priority. Here are some tips you need to know:
Your salon's interior decor plays an important role in converting the visitors into loyal customers. To get new customers and retain the existing ones, you need to make sure your beauty salon offers a seamless experience. It should be equipped with comfortable furniture, professional staff and other necessary accessories.