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Truth be told, the perfect number depends on the size of your salon and the number of customers you’re going to dealing with. Moreover, all of these factors have to be balanced out with how many customers your employees can handle at any given time!

For example, let’s say you have a team of six highly-qualified stylists. At any given time, your senior-most stylist can handle 2 clients. By that account, you should have 8 chairs and styling stations.

However, keep in mind that you can’t expect your employees to overwork themselves every day. Especially not during rush season, when customers expect their stylist’s full attention!

This is why, even with a substantially sized salon, the right number of chairs to fit in a salon space is a handful.

And by that, we mean five to six chairs, keeping with the number of stylists you have!

Fitting a Chair in its Square

Even if you have a team of six and bought six chairs, each will need its own space so it can fit in your salon. Stuffing the chairs into a tiny space will not only overwhelm the interior décor, but it’ll give also off the impression that you’re being money-hungry. So for each chair, keep at least 1000 square feet for one seat; more if the chair has a specific style and design.

This way, your stylist and customer will have the space they need, and the interior design will have a balanced look.

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Finding the Right Chairs for Your Salon

You’ll find plenty of salon chairs online on sites such as Empire Salon Equipment that offers salon furniture and equipment at affordable rates. But, before whipping out your credit card so you can snag that wholesale deal, it’s better to do your homework on the right type of chair for your salon.

Quality matters, even more than the aesthetics of a piece. Your client will feel comfortable in the seat if they know it’s strong and durable enough.

The material has to be chic and sturdy as well and easy to clean since hair salon equipment and furniture does go through its fair share of wear-and-tear. It is only after you’ve found a company that offers all these qualities for their ware that you should consider being picky about aesthetics.


So now you know; six chairs or so from an affordable source is what you need. Just keep the above basics in mind and you’ll have no trouble equipping your salon with the best furniture that’ll boost your image and reputation!