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The Salon Industry in the US has seen increased market growth in the past five years. With stellar $46 billion revenue earned in 2018, local salon businesses and employment rates in the industry have also experienced a boost.

Now the question arises: what makes a salon business successful?

Besides strong entrepreneurship, quality equipment, and consistent services, the décor and ambiance of a salon also play a great role in attracting customers.

A pristine, clean, and fresh environment sends out a welcoming message. On the other hand, dirty, desolate, and ruined furniture turns the customers away.

Even if your salon isn’t big and spacious, it’s what you do with the place and how you decorate it to invite new customers.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can spruce up your salon reception and open up space in the waiting area.

Wall Paint Color: The Lighter The Better

A sneaky and smart way to open up the salon space is to go with light colors. Paint the walls ivory white or off-white for a clean and fresh vibe.

If you’re going for the modern and upscale vibe, choose light grey or beige paint for the reception area walls.

With a lighter color scheme, you can add color with funky furniture, green plants, and vibrant art pieces.

Impactful Art Pieces and Frames Over A Full Wall

Plain walls aren’t the most attractive. Put up visually stimulating art pieces and fancy picture frames for an eye-catching look.

There’s a whole variety of wall décor options available in the market. You can procure an art piece from a local artist or use plain wooden and black frames to put up posters and magazine covers.

If you’re going for the funky vibe, use a multicolored scheme to add vibrancy with famous quotes or abstract art.

Add monochromatic art and traditional paintings for a more classic and sophisticated salon space.

armchair sit salon 

Plants for a Sophisticated Look

Save space with vertical plant pots hanging from the ceiling, near the window. Make your customers look up while they admire the fresh plants cleansing the indoor air environment.

Add a tall plant in the corner beside the armchair or you can also decorate the side tables with miniature pots and plants to go along with the magazines carefully placed on the surface.

Comfortable Armchairs and Sofa Set

Make sure your customers are comfortable while waiting for their services. Invest in practical armchairs and soft and comfy sofa sets to fit the reception area. If there’s a lack of space, add more seating with cushion benches and stools near the door. 

Purchase Trendy and Practical Salon Equipment

Decorate your salon with the trendiest art pieces and purchase comfortable sofas and waiting chairs for your reception area.

Check out our collection of waiting areas chairs and LED light mirrors to add a sophisticated touch with sleek black furniture.

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