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An attractive salon space can win over the toughest new clients. We believe the size of your salon or barbershop doesn’t make a difference as long as you make the most of the space you have. Design a stylish interior with elegant salon equipment that can serve as a comfortable space for clients to receive their beauty treatments.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Start with the reception area

The reception or waiting area is usually the first thing that your clients are going to notice when they enter your salon. A clean and presentable spot will surely impress the new clients. Have a sleek looking reception desk where clients can schedule appointments and ask queries. Make sure the desk is organized so you’re not scrambling for your phone among piles of paperwork.

Make sure you have plenty of seating equipment and maybe a magazine rack to help clients pass the time while they wait for their turn.

Design a simple floor plan

New clients can easily get bogged down by the sight of a cramped waiting area and staff members running up and down the stairs. Try to create a floor plan that is open and allows you to interact with everyone freely, so that no one feels isolated during a conversation.

Keep your reception area slightly separate from the rest of your workspace. With all the cutting, washing and drying, you’d want some space between each workstation. From a client’s perspective, it’s going to be pretty uncomforting knowing five people in the waiting area are staring at you while you get your hair washed. So yes, a well-thoughtout floor plan can really make your salon look presentable.

Be careful with the windows

A little bit of natural light is great to set a pleasant salon vibe but too much exposure can leave your clients feeling a bit off guard. You might want passersby to get a sneak peek of your products and services but you’ve got to respect your client’s privacy. So make sure you pick windows that can be shuttered as per preferences.

Cater it to the audience

There’s nothing attractive about an empty salon space. Salons and barbershops are meant to be vibrant places and you can only attract more clients if they feel relaxed and pampered at your shop.

To get the right kind of design that appeals to your audience, you’ll have to keep in mind some demographic factors. If you’re catering to young college students then some bright and quirky salon chairs might do the trick. However, if you’ve got a wholesale barbershop for adult males, then some light colors should work best.

Planning a salon is only one half of the battle. The other half comprises of actually buying the salon equipment. The good news is that with Empire Salon Equipment, you can order salon furniture online! For more information on our range of salon equipment, you can reach us here.