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When you open a salon you’re doing more than opening an establishment where clients can have themselves beautified. You’re aiming at customer satisfaction and comfort, ease and practicality, reputation and client retention. There’s so much that goes into the opening of a salon that it’s only natural one should feel overwhelmed.

However, if you get the basics right, you’ll hardly have a problem getting most of the stuff that comes later on wrong. After all, there are essentials for every establishment, and a salon is no exception.

Selecting Barber Chairs and Salon Chairs

It should be a no brainer that no salon exists without salon and barber chairs. It’s like saying a library could exist without books, or a pharmacy without medicine. This is the fundamental piece of furniture you’ll have to invest in when it comes to establishing a salon, so proceed with caution and care. Not only do you want a chair that aligns with your overall aesthetic, you also want a chair that’s comfortable for the client. Additionally, your stylists should have maximum movement around the chair, and so the chair needs to be selected after a lot of thought has been put into it. You want both: substance and style.


 salon waiting area

A salon station is the element that adds personality to your overall establishment when done right. It is here that most of the work takes place, and often it’s the station that takes center place inside a salon. The station must be big enough to accommodate many customers at once, and should have ample storage space. Go for one that’s attractive and that adheres to all things trendy. Make a statement with your station.

Reception Desk

The first place where a customer interacts with your staff is the reception desk. Other than the exterior, it is here that their first impression will take hold, and a visually appealing reception desk can leave a lasting impact on the customer. The organized status and the visual appeal of your reception desk will tell your customers about the rest of the establishment like a trailer tells viewers about a movie.

While we suggest you don’t compromise with the style, we’d also suggest you go for an option that’s economical in terms of space, so that a majority of the establishment can be dedicated to stations and other salon essentials.

The Waiting Area

Most people won’t walk into the salon alone—they’ll have their partners with them. And believe us when we tell you, these partners hate waiting for their significant others to get their hair done. You’d do well by embellishing the waiting area so as to make the wait less demanding for these visitors. This will encourage them to bring their partners again and again to your salon.

Besides, your salon has got to be busy as a beehive during peak seasons—and in times like these you’ll need a comfortable, welcoming waiting area for a client on the waiting list.

Have comfortable sofas, couches, and other furniture installed. Don’t give it a lot of space, but make sure it’s big enough to accommodate a host of people without appearing cramped. Keep a few magazines and newspapers lying around; maybe throw in a deck of cards or a TV if there’s space.

Find Good Quality Salon Equipment

Give us a call 718-395-2030 at to find out about the equipment that we provide. We provide salon equipment and accessories to salons looking for the best, and will be happy to help. Contact us for more information.