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For both the owner and the barbers, barbershops can get quite stressful. As the owner, the stress of mushrooming competition that can put your business at risk is constant. As an employee, there’s always the risk that you could mess up someone’s hairstyle and, as a result, lose a customer.

Considering all of this, we’ve compiled some foolproof ways to reduce stress in a barbershop:

Adapt the barbershop to suit you

53% of Americans are unhappy in their workplace; this includes unconventional workplaces like barbershops. Though the reasons are varied, one way to increase motivation is to improve employees’ surroundings.

Even as the owner, you should be excited about coming in to work every day. To make that happen, change the interior of your barbershop to a style that represents you and will make your staff happy. Make it vibrant or super rustic, whatever you choose, commit to it.

Organize, organize, organize!

scissor on black leather cushion

When running any business, keeping things organized is vital. This helps your staff access and find products and tools easily. An organized barbershop also looks more appealing to clients since cluttered spaces give off the impression of uncleanliness.

Get barbershop furniture like carts and stations to keep tools like scissors, razors, and hairstyling tools out of the way. Styling stations and stylist’s stations can be used to mount hair styling tools and store hair products effectively. These stations are built to provide a cool and dry place for all barbershop products.

Appointments over walk-ins

In the past, the general trend for barbershops has been to welcome walk-in clients. Though this means you make a lot of revenue, it makes planning for your barbershop more difficult. Introduce a robust booking system for your clients instead. Create an easy to use bookings page on social media platforms, your website, or even on a custom app. Keep the convenience of your client at mind when creating this system.

Stay up-to-date with your finances

Finances can make or break any business. At all times, you need to know the state of your business’s accounts. It helps you identify where you’re spending most of your money and how you can make your business more efficient. As a business owner, you also need to know when you’re paying out vendors and how much revenue you’re making along with profit.

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