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Harvard Health experts say that bad posture is bad for health—but of course Harvard Health doesn’t have to say the obvious, even for the people at the back. Multiple studies and reports show that poor posture is detrimental to overall health, and can have dire aftereffects in the long term.

The Aftereffects of Bad Posture

Among the many adverse effects that bad posture can have on you are pain (back and neck particularly), soreness, problems in blood circulation, spasms, fatigues, stress, indigestion and loss of motivation, to mention the least. The effects aren’t just physical since bad posture can also affect your self-confidence. Good posture, for example, has been linked to positive self-esteem, which is said to reduce depression.

Posture and Hair Stylists

woman side pose hair styleSince as a stylist you’re required to slouch over and stand for most of the job, you’ll undoubtedly have to face pains and aches in various parts of your body. While we understand that it’s part of your job to be constantly on your feet, we also have some valuable advice to give you, especially since with a little bit of conscious effort, you too can infuse good posture into your job.

Don’t Bend or Slouch

Let’s say your client wants a fringe and you’re required to lower your body down to their eye level to correctly perform this action. We suggest that you don’t slouch to reach down but bring their chair up to a point where all you have to do is look down at them.

Constantly craning your neck down in an unnatural position is liable to cause neck pain and further complications in the shoulder area and spine.

But What if You Absolutely Have to Bend?

We know that stylists can’t always avoid hunching down, but we also know for a fact that constant hunching will make you look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

So bend if you have to, but without having to strain your neck and back in the process. Instead, bend your knees. Whatever happens, keep your neck and back straight.

Or better yet, use a stool. Cutting stools allow you to sit down with the client at eye level and cut with ease without having to put your neck and back at the risk of suffering from pain for a lifetime.

Why You Should Focus on Body Posture

As a stylist you’ll ever be standing in front of clients, one after the other, and will have to face more than natural strain. Your muscles will be sore and you’ll have to suffer through pains and aches and spasms for a lifetime. Not only will this ill health disturb your profession, you’ll need expensive chiropractic services and physiotherapy to counter the effects of back pain. Additionally, it will affect your self-esteem and could affect how customers see you. We believe that prevention is better than cure; and that if you work on your posture now, it will save you much money and pain in the future.

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