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The feeling of soft fingernails massaging your scalp, lather cutting through the dirt and grime of the day, having your hair washed and shampooed—these are life’s greatest joys!

However, this sentiment can quickly be cut short if you’re not made to feel comfortable in the salon.

This is one of the greatest complaints of customers who go to salons to get their hair washed— discomfort in the neck, nape and shoulder area being the most common. This is a shame given that the experience is supposed to be relaxing.

So how should salon owners combat this thorn in their side?

As purveyors of all things salon equipment and furniture related, Empire Salon Equipment has its two cents to give!

Managing the Perfect Salon Shampoo Experience

Shampoo units are typically more uncomfortable for clients who are petite. Because they’re not able to easily settle their neck and shoulders against the salon basin, the curve of their head gets awkwardly stuck against the basin’s curves. This makes them feel like they’re hanging from the basin.

In such situations, we recommend putting a large cushion on the base recliner so the client has some extra height to sit comfortably. Also, placing extra-soft rolled up towels around the rim of the basin ensures that the water doesn’t end up overflowing.

For Older Clients

Older clients also have trouble with rinsing basins, mainly because they’re not able to bend their head so far back when having it washed. And that can be a huge issue if they’re getting a chemical process or hair coloring treatment done.

If that is the case, we recommend having the client stand up and bend forward so their hair can be washed starting from the base of their neck. The client is also required to rest their head on a rolled-up towel that’s placed on the basin’s edge so it’s easier for them to maintain balance. But keep in mind that this process takes a bit longer than usual, because water gets on the floor and drenches the towel as well.

If your client agrees to this, go with it. If not, you could use the above tactic for petite clients, for older clients as well. They might still feel a bit of discomfort, but with the extra height, they won’t have to push their head so far back as before.

Getting the Right Shampoo Units

Keep in mind that in some cases, your shampoo unit itself might be to blame as well! It might not be well adjusted, the chair might be uncomfortable or the quality may have deteriorated over time.

So as to not give your customers a reason for complaint, it’s best if you switch out your old shampoo units for new ones. Empire Salon Equipment offers affordable quality salon furniture and more!

Browse through our selections and decide on the best shampoo unit for your establishment. Give your customers the relaxing experience they deserve!