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The job of any manager is stressful. From customer feedback and complaints to dealing with budget issues and ledger accounts—it’s a mix of everything on your plate. But there are only a handful of people who will understand your struggles as a barbershop manager. You are inevitably the face of your brand and how you perform will reflect on the efficiency of your business.

But don’t worry. If you’re struggling on the management front, we’ve got you covered with some handy tips!

Check customer feedback

Okay, first things first. You won’t know where to make changes if you don’t know where your shop is lacking. You can always ask your staff members for their opinion but to get a fair idea of your barbershop’s performance, have a look at customer reviews.

As part of the service industry, you should always have a platform where customers can register complaints and suggestions. Without it, you’ll fail to live up to your target audience’s expectations.

Once you’ve got access to customer feedback, take a look at the key issues being pointed out. Are they staff-related? Is the barbershop waiting area not adequate? Check the complaints to understand what your clients want from you.

Deal with HR problems

Linked with customer feedback is the HR department of any organization. Make sure your HR personnel are handling queries as efficiently as possible. If they’re taking too long to address particular issues, they’re only setting your business up for a big bag of disappointment. If you find the HR to be a problem, sit the members down and hold individual meetings to get a grip on the issue(s).

Pay attention to service vacancies

Running a barbershop without the right number of workers can take a toll on customers waiting for their turn at reception area. What’s more embarrassing is if you don’t have enough barber equipment like barbershop chairs or waiting area seats to accommodate everyone.

Since most efficient businesses give out appointments, being slow or inadequately equipped like this can hurt your performance. A flexible recruitment process can deal with the setbacks of turnover. For all other equipment related issues, you can get pretty much everything here.

Stay within the budget

Notice if you’re overselling or underselling your products. How much money are you spending on paying staff salaries? Is there a need to upgrade the barbershop’s equipment? A monthly or annual budget can help you set targets and checkpoints for your shop and that’ll keep you focused on your performance.

Managing a barbershop is no mean task but there are some ways you can ease up the burden on yourself. With Empire Salon Equipment, you can purchase all your barbershop equipment online! From shampoo units to wholesale salon chairs—we’ve got everything you need.

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