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Clients can make hair appointments in a rush. You’ll see many of them talking away on their phones, trying to delegate daily tasks and navigate through all of life’s problems while you do their hair.

If you really want to calm down a stressed out client, learn how to shampoo their hair! Firm, yet sensitive motions on the scalp can melt their worries away like butter—and maybe even give them a good snooze on your shampoo unit.

Read on below to find out how to shampoo your client’s hair the right way.

1. Create a soothing atmosphere

Make sure your shampoo unit is clean and free of clutter. You don’t want nasty hair strands and cuttings sprawled all over the sink. It’ll just put the client right off the mood. Better yet, ensure all your salon equipment is spick and span.

2. Make the client feel welcome

Don’t just wave the faucet into their hair the minute they sit down! Begin with some small talk. Help them place their belongings in a safe space so they can fully concentrate on the hair care. Sit them down in a comfortable salon chair and ask them what their daily hair care routine is. Being friendly to your clients is a sure way to cheer them up and win your salon brownie points.

3. Pick the right products

Unless the client has specified the way they want their hair to be washed, you should stick with some tried and tested hair washing formulas. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that adds moisture and volume to flat, dry hair. You can also use protein-enriched products that can give thick or curly hair a softer texture. In some cases, you can also give your clients a deep clean shampoo and conditioner treatment.

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4. Test the water

Just like you would test a baby’s milk bottle for its temperature, check the temperature of the water. Ask your client if they want it warmer or cooler. Also, begin by operating at a lower pressure, lest you point the nozzle in the wrong direction and all the water splashes onto their clothes.

5. Lather, rinse, repeat

Some clients prefer a two-round shampoo routine while others are okay with just one long wash. Either way, try to apply gentle pressure on the scalp and kneed the fingers in circular motions throughout the hair. The correct massage technique can be extremely therapeutic and stress relieving!

A good shampoo can win your hair salon some loyal customers down the lane. Invest in a suitable shampoo unit and practice your hands at the craft. For more chic and stylish salon equipment, contact us here or visit our store in NYC.