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Since there’s such an abundance of salon equipment available to people these days, we understand how confusing it can be for salon owners to pick and choose. What to include, and what not to include? Do you need barber chairs or do you not need them? How many do you need? Which ones should you go with? Classic barber chair or a more contemporary one?

Why Selecting the Right Salon Equipment Matters

According to studies, interior design can affect a person’s mood. Not only on the mood, but the design and decor of an establishment can affect a person’s thoughts and feelings. And when it comes to salons, it can affect how a client feels about coming back to your establishment a second time around.

Remember that it won’t be your service that will have the first impression on your clients. It’s instead your establishment, your furniture, your equipment, stations, lighting and chairs that make the first impression.

And as they say, nail the first impression, and you’ve retained the client for good.

Get the Basics Right

 old fashioned barber shop

Before moving on to glamorous chairs and stations, we’d suggest you take to the basics with great care. From the spacing of the waiting room to the lighting fixtures, tend to the basics in a manner that’s conducive to your functionality and that facilitates smooth movement. Additionally, also ensure that the space is not cramped. Modern-day clients are adherents of minimalism and would much rather prefer vast empty spaces than crowded ones.


Styling stations make up for an essential part of any salon, and they’re probably the most important piece of furniture on the list. Think of the station as the element that gives your station its identity. Much of the styling and other jobs will take place over the station, and it will be here that your stylists will interact with the customers.

Getting a great styling station in line with your aesthetic and one that’s absolutely eye-catching is the key to making a statement.


Although, yes, there should always be a generous display of mirrors, especially around the station, make sure that you’re fitting them just right. They shouldn’t look haphazard or out of place. Also ensure they’re being cleaned regularly, since this doesn’t just help in proper styling but leaves a lasting impact on your clients about the hygiene you maintain at your salon.

Organization and Storage

Clean, streamlined, minimalist spaces are the current chic, and storage thus becomes an important element of your interior. Have lots of cabinets and drawers installed; pull out and otherwise, to ensure maximum space of storage. Utilize wall space as much as is possible and keep clutter out of the way. Remember, this is a generation that religiously follows Marie Kondo and her organization methods, and is sure to be vowed if you de-clutter your space properly.

Finding the Right Equipment

From comfortable chairs to a wide variety of stations, Empire Salon Equipment has got all your salon needs covered. Browse through our products and accessories to find high-quality and promising salon equipment for your establishment, sure to wow your customers. Get in touch with us here.