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While you may have done your duty by hiring the best professionals and buying quality salon equipment and furniture, you can’t expect customers to walk through the door if the entrance and reception area are drab, basic and simple.

So let’s set the record straight. When it comes to maintaining your salon’s aesthetic, how your reception looks matters. And we’re the best people to help you with that!

The Best Ways of Designing a Beautiful Salon Reception

- Balancing Space

It’s completely fine to break up your reception area into mini-zones, with trellis and tasteful art pieces that are perfectly positioned. However, if you have a small space, use it to your advantage by adding a full-sized piece of furniture.

With long, narrow reception areas, you want the look to be as simple (but beautiful) as possible. With just one long piece of furniture, instead of several small seats, it won’t come off as too higgledy-piggledy.

- Make it Clean and Sharp

Think minimalist! People see salons as a place to unwind and relax, away from the hustle and bustle of life. Why not help them achieve this by providing them with a clean, sleek reception area?

Add some sophisticated elements to it by incorporating plants here and there. But for the most part, keep it chic and clutter-free. This will give your customers sensory comfort.

- Market Tastefully

Marketing your retail products is an art. You don’t want to place them on shelves behind the reception desk, since that would create a barrier between the customer and the product.

But you can’t have it right at the front in the customer’s face as soon as they enter. The sweet spot is to the side, near the seating area. You want to tempt your clients with products, not blatantly market them. Allow them the ability to browse. If the product is worth it, they’ll automatically want to try it.

- Keep the Lighting Low

A common complaint with reception room décor is that it’s too stark or sterile. One reason is that lighting is often too bright or placed too close together. Remember, your goal is to help the customer relax. Balancing things out by using soft lighting and placing miniature lamps here and there will give you adequate light that won’t likely give you a headache alongside.

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Buying Quality Reception Room Furniture

Empire Salon Equipment is here to put your mind at ease!

With our line of waiting room furniture, and salon and barber shop equipment, we’re sure your salon will exude the ideal look of luxury and quality. Browse through our collection and contact us if you need any help!