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The Barbershop Industry in the US has seen marginal growth in the past five years with $3.7 billion revenue earned in 2018.

The barbershop business is expected to rise in the coming years with 151, 138 businesses and 162,728 employees recorded in 2018.

This high number shows that people are visiting barbershops now more than ever and are excited to avail grooming services from professionals.

To keep up with the heavy stream of clients and ensure customer loyalty, barbershop owners need to invest in quality equipment and furniture.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the top tips to choose the best styling chairs for your barbershop.

Easy to Adjust

The aim of a barbershop must be to provide quality services without skimping on style and comfort. This is especially true in case of barber chairs.

The right barber chair should have a hydraulic base that is easy to clean and simple to adjust according to the height of the clients.

The hydraulic pump must be easy to move up and down while adjusting to the height and proportion of the children and adults that visit the barbershop.  

360-Degrees Rotation

A 360-degree rotating barber chair is a game changer! The chair can be placed in one area permanently and it’ll still be easy to cut hair and shave beards without moving the chair.

Instead of the barber moving and jumping from side to side while shaving a clients’ head, they can easily turn the chair around and shave far-reaching areas without any problem.

Comfortable Headrest

If you’re offering a service, be sure to check all boxes that ensure customer ease and comfort.

A barber chair without a headrest is quite useless as it won’t keep the clients at ease nor will it help to retain loyal customers.

While having their beard shaved, cut, and styled, clients need a comfortable headrest to relax as they’re being groomed.

                         beard and hairstyle grooming

High-Quality Material

Before purchasing a barber chair, check the quality of the cushion and upholstery materials. Make sure that the cushion is soft and the foam is sturdy enough to not wilt with added weight.

Choose a high-quality vinyl or leather chair cover with cushioned armrests for added comfort and relief.

barber chair

Purchase Functional and Affordable Barber Chairs in NYC

Besides being sturdy and long-lasting, barber chairs need to be adjustable to accommodate customers of all ages, with ease.

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The comfortable and stylish chairs are available in a variety of colors and designs to suit your specific needs and requirements.

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