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There’s something nostalgic about sitting in a salon chair at your local barber’s shop and getting groomed.

Whether it’s an old school cramped space at the end of your street or a pristine 2-story salon shop, nothing beats quality service.

And while retail shops are going out of business due to the massive trend of online shopping, old-school beauty salons and barber shops are making a comeback.

They offer more than just a place for you to get your hair washed or your beard groomed. The high rise rotating chairs, bright lights, and hair washing stations offer a unique experience of feeling pampered along with providing an opportunity to socialize.

If barbershop and salon owners want to survive in this competitive market, they have to up their game and offer quality services.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to keep salon equipment in pristine perfect condition to set a lasting impression on customers!  

Pump It Up

The hydraulic base of your salon chairs allows the well-designed chair to balance on the sturdy ground.

It also allows the chair to smoothly rotate 360 degrees for optimal use. The hydraulic pump attached to the base is used to manage how high or low you want the chair to go.

The best way to increase the life of your barber chairs is to lubricate the seals of the base for a smoother and effortless operation.

Keep It Low

With the consistent traffic of people going in and out of salons, the styling chairs bear the weight of the wear and tear.

Working on clients sitting on elevated chairs causes undue pressure on the chair. Ensure the longevity of the salon chairs by lowering it after every use and reduce the stress from the elevated base by following this simple technique.  

Quick Clean-Ups

A busy salon sees accidents all the time! There’s no escaping spilled dye on the salon chair or stains on the washing basin.

To ensure these spills and stains don’t leave a permanent mark, follow a quick-clean philosophy.

Wipe the dye from the chair upholstery as soon as the accident occurs. Scrub the stains away from the washing sink using a sponge and cleaning detergent.

Check For Traps

After each wash, give your shampoo sink a quick clean up to ensure no hair is clogging the sink drain.

Make sure the water sprays and pipes are regularly checked to prevent leaks that could lead to serious plumbing problems and service delays.

Regular Maintenance

Make your salon equipment and styling chairs last for a long time by having them serviced regularly.

Check for loose nuts and bolts and tightened screws on the barber chair and roller carts. Fix the leaks on the sinks and water hose and thoroughly dust the dirt and stains from the equipment at the end of each working day.

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